samedi 13 décembre 2014


The Promised Womb by Dead Can Dance on Grooveshark

I wrote among the worlds one who looked like your smile,
A river was growing, your mouth is the last mile,
I drew the dream of you more than a cloud could rain,
And you're still showering poor part of flowered brain.

In the garden's corner of your lovely look
Is a tree I've never climbed except in a book ;
I just have seen the little curve under your nose,
It told me so much things that here nobody knows.

It told me lot of legends on the finger tip
I put here for your words above your sweety lip,
It told me that I met this love in a long past.

I'm sure I was the first, I'm sure I'll be the last,
Your face is credence against all odds in chance,
And we're two boats on sea just overlinked by chains.

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